On the trail of Dante in Ravenna

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Ravenna and Dante, a special bond.
Some people may be unaware that Dante Alighieri’s tomb isn’t located in Florence, but in Ravenna. In this Romagna city, during the night between 13 and 14 September 1321, the greatest poet of Italian literature died following a bout of malaria fever contracted on his return from an embassy to Venice. A few years earlier he travelled with his three children (Jacopo, Pietro and Antonia) to Ravenna, where he spent his forced, sad exile from Florence, first passing through Lunigiana, Verona, Treviso and finally staying with his friend Guido Novello Da Polenta, lord of the city. This is where he spent his last years, participating in cultural life and concluding his famous Commedia. Today, when we talk about Ravenna, the capital of three great empires, in addition to its cultural and artistic heritage, we must also seek out Dante in the streets and monuments of its beautiful historic centre.
This video will take you to some fundamental places in Ravenna related to Dante’s path.

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